The Dance of the Shadow Puppets

the dance of the shadow puppets

Since my little people came to join me it has really accelerated my journey of self-awareness and growth on all levels. This journey has really ramped up over the last week with the Universe giving me some very loud but beautiful messages in ways that I never expected. One of which was that I needed […]

The Stork comes to Town

the stork comes to town

Thankfully my broken tooth didn’t cause me any problems. Initially I wasn’t sure whether I’d broken the tooth or a piece of a filling. The possibility of the latter caused me to panic slightly (as a child of the 80s with metal fillings) as I wasn’t sure if this could potentially cause issues for Chickpea. […]

Let me In(tro)duce You

Let me In(tro)duce You

I worked hard to convince my consultant that I knew what I was capable of this time round. Determined and backed up the knowledge I’ve gained from my Gentlebirth training as well as being kept totally chilled and focused by the tracks on the Gentlebirth app, I sat, expanding by the day in the sweltering […]

Eagerly awaiting another special delivery

Eagerly awaiting another special delivery

Originally posted on April 15th 2018 I still can’t believe that nearly 21 months have passed since Starfish was born and just as I’m starting to feel settled back into work again I’m already preparing to finish up and head on maternity leave again! As many of you will know I’m 29 weeks pregnant and […]

The Big Red Button

the big red button

Originally posted on October 29th 2017 It started when I was at university, one night a group of my friends and I were sat around the table in our flat putting the world to rights and someone out of the blue, asked a huge question… “If there was a big red button in the middle […]

It’s a Starfish thing

its a starfish thing

Originally posted on October 29th 2017 It’s mind bending how quickly Starfish is developing his personality and how fast he’s growing… I’m pretty certain he’s been here before and he knows more about this parenting lark than we do, he’s just testing us! At around 8 weeks old he was sitting in front of us […]

From the Hands of Babes

from the hands of babes

Originally posted on October 29th 2017 Have you ever wondered what’s going on in your little one’s head? Or said to yourself when they were crying “I only wish they could talk and tell me what’s wrong”? So have we… that’s why we were delighted to hear about Sign 2 Music. Sign 2 Music is […]

Cuddles to Go

cuddles to go

Originally posted on October 29th 2017 Any inventory for expectant parents will include a pram or pushchair…. unless you’re a Wheelie Momma, in which case another set of wheels to negotiate is the last thing you need! Even less so for my other half who already has arms like Popeye from pushing my growing mass […]