To Thine Child Self be True

When our kids fall down, get hurt, are scared or when they just need someextra reassurance, a cuddle or some help with a game or jigsaw puzzle…What do we do? We scoop them up and engulf them with love andaffection, words of encouragement. Reminding them that they are perfectand we couldn’t be more proud of them.

The biggest turning point for me and my mental health was when I realised that Icould in fact be my own parent too. As great as my mother is, she cannever fully see things from my perspective, no one can because they arenot me. Only I can see and know my fears, pain and struggles so I amresponsible for ensuring that my needs are met.
In the same way asmy children cry, cling to me or act up when they want to be seen, heardand loved, my inner child is very much present and she surfaces in themost unexpected and often inopportune moments beckoning me to go within and tend to an aspect of myself I have neglected. The beauty of this is, I then get to parent myself and really listen to exactly what I need be it rest, fun, silliness or just to breathe and ease my mind. Toremember in all ways I am exactly as I am supposed to be and thateverything is just fine.

When we can nurture the lost child within ourself in the way we do our children, even if it means asking for help, our mental health becomes as accessible as looking in the mirror and we are empowered to maintain ourselves. That’s the secret to success

What does your inner child want you to remember today?