New Earth is Now

new earth is now

Originally posted on March 22nd 2019

For all those of you who were curious about the New Earth Mystery School when I spoke about it in January but were too apprehensive to join because you didn’t really know what you’d be getting; you’re in luck! The second wave is launching on March 30th and you can now have the benefit of my experience before you sign up. That said, regardless of the fact that I have been told I have a “way with words”, it is almost impossible to do justice to the experience of the 6 weeks with language which in itself is extremely limiting.

The New Earth Mystery School welcomed a diverse group of people from all walks of life across the globe. Everyone’s background and circumstances had many differences but there was one common, golden thread which immediately united all of us. We all wanted to follow our passions, find our purpose and in doing so make a difference to our world. We were also all very conscious of the fact that there is something more, in fact many more things at work with us and for us and we shared a deep desire to tap into this, open our hearts and minds and elevate our consciousness for the good of all.

What unfolded was simply magical. From the first day when one brave soul did a Facebook Live video in the group by way of an introduction, the whole atmosphere in the group changed. Walls came down, hearts cracked open and the collective unconditional love and acceptance began to flow to and from every single one of us.
Each Saturday evening we all met on a live Zoom meeting and my beautiful friend Martin McNicholl guided us through a meditation and sometimes a dance party! (who said spirituality has to be serious?!) followed by amazing channelled messages from many collectives including the Ascended Masters.

The 6 weeks, as with life in general, were not without its challenges for all of us. We all had moments of self doubt, scepticism, overwhelm and anxiety. The difference is, in New Earth Mystery School no one is left behind. We all shared wholly and authentically exactly where we were in the moment. When we hit the Facebook Live button in the group, immediately the tribe would gather round to listen and support with no judgement and complete acceptance. We picked each other up when we were down and celebrated successes and breakthroughs as joyously as if they were our own triumphs. People cried and laughed in their PJs live and shared from the heart. In most cases, just talking out loud what was on our mind and knowing we were being supported was enough for us to work it out for ourselves without anyone else saying a word. When words were needed though, they were abundantly available from the most eloquent, articulate, wise group of people I have ever been lucky enough to meet.

The individual growth and expansion of every person in the group has been unbelievable and a real privilege to witness. Some people rediscovered art after years of not doing it and are now creating breath takingly beautiful pieces. Others have had the courage to leave jobs which they knew for some time were not making them happy or allowing them to share their true gifts and fulfil their soul purpose; to change direction and do what lights them up.

For me, I have gone from feeling sick any time I had to hear my own voice and struggling to turn on my camera for the live Zoom sessions to now thinking nothing of doing regular live videos on my own page and realising that my voice is in fact a gift and a vital part of me sharing my gift with the world. My knowing that with the right mindset and an open heart, anything is possible. And I’ll soon be launching my Mastery in Motion Empowerment workshops.

I hear you, you’re thinking “wouldn’t it be great if real life was like that? Loving, accepting, inspiring and free”. Here’s the thing though, it can be, IT IS. Every single one of us in the New Earth Mystery School are primed and ready to create this magic in our own corners of the world and beyond and you can too when you spend some time in your heart and figure out how it is you really want to fly. For now, until you find your wings, come and join us in the New Earth Mystery School