I’ve always loved writing. At about the age of 4 or 5, Santa brought me a little grey typewriter (I’m showing my age now, I know!) From that moment, I had family members, especially my beloved Grandfather, driven round the bend incessantly asking him “how do you spell…?” Goodness knows what I was writing, or who it was to; but there began my love of the written word. From there on I wrote poetry, short stories and speeches for the school and university debating societies.

My passion and flair for writing has served me well professionally and I have been commissioned to write many pieces since from magazine articles to corporate documents. My natural empathy and affinity with people allow me to quickly and easily connect with them and their subject matter and bring it to life on the page.

The response to my blog has again reminded me how much I love to write and better still, how much people enjoy reading it. I’ve had many conversations with people that started out “I have to write a piece but I don’t know where to start. If only I had your way with words”.
Well, stress no more, I’m here to help. If you would like me to guest write on your blog or ghost write content for your website, marketing campaign or any other copy you need; please get in touch to discuss your requirements and my very reasonable rates.

I understand the importance of using the right language to get a message across and leave an impact. If you want to give your writing a Wheelie Momma make over, let’s have a chat.