You know you’ve done it

You’ve booked a reading to get answers to that burning question. You know it’s time for a change in your life but you’re not sure which direction to take. You have an intuitive you trust, they’ve nailed it in the past, so they’re the only one who can help you make this next move.

You sit down for the session and take a deep breath. They smile and welcome you as they shuffle their cards. They pull some cards and start to speak and you think…


“I knew this was coming! I knew they’d say this.”


How many times have you thought about a friend you’ve not spoken to in ages; the phone rings a day, maybe even hours or minutes later only for you to hear that very friend speaking on the other end saying they were just thinking about you and wanted to say hi!


What if I told you there are no such things as coincidence or luck? That your thoughts, words, senses, your whole body are all supercharged tools which are constantly online and communicating with you to not only keep you safe but to give you the most incredible experiences, far beyond your wildest dreams. All you need to do is tune in and turn up the volume.


Meet Sarah

Sarah Griffiths MBE is an intuitive empowerment mentor and magic seeker. She supports exhausted people pleasers to reframe their beliefs, know their true worth unlock their limitless potential and create a life that lights them up.

Sarah is better known to many as “Wheelie Momma” Sarah has cerebral palsy since birth which means she uses a wheelchair, something which she actively fought against most of childhood and teenage years. This steely determination served her well and saw her graduate from university, pass her driving test, buy a house, do 2 skydives, travel, get married and have 3 amazing children.

Her journey of awakening really began during her first pregnancy when she discovered bio energy healing and meditation to help deal with chronic pregnancy sickness. This was the turning point when Sarah realised her body and mind’s true power and ability to heal itself. She also realised that while we can’t always consciously control what happens in life, we always have the gift of being able to choose how we react to it.

Fast forward 3 years and Sarah has cured herself of a debilitating back condition and fully embraced her “Wheelie Momma” self to encourage others to reach for the stars regardless of any perceived limitations.

She’s now a sought after motivational speaker and a published author with her first children’s book “My Mum’s A Superhero” while also working on her autobiography “I’ll show you”

Sarah began working as an intuitive in 2019 following the birth of her daughter, using the same insight she used to realise her own dreams to help others do the same.

“Nothing gives me a greater buzz than seeing clients eyes light up when they realise that they had what they sought within them all along”.

Sarah Griffiths MBE

Are you ready to fully trust yourself?

In this 90 minute masterclass you will

🔥Understand your own personal dialogue with the universe
🔥 Tune in to your body 
🔥Learn a 1 minute technique to turn your intuition to max every day
🔥Plug in and optimise your inner GPS
🔥Trust yourself as much as your intuitive

🔥Never need to book another reading again (unless you want to- just for fun!)

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