What a beautiful light Sarah is. Her readings are so acurate and on point. i had to read it twice. Sarah certainly works on a deep soul level and certainly brings forward the very essence of who you are without any doubt. Her love and gentleness is a credit to witness and i would highly recomend her work to anyone seeking truth.
Thank you Sarah ❤

Marie Sutcliffe / The Spiritual Gardiner

Sarah is a beautiful soul with the biggest heart. You can feel her authenticity in her desire to help others. The reading she gave to me was heartfelt and resonated deeply. Sarah is gifted and uses her gifts for the greatest good. You will only find pure love and light here. 🙏💗🌻🦋

Jennifer S

Sarah’s ability to verbalize her readings in a beautiful, personal and accurate way is a unique skill. Her readings are empowering as she is able to see your highest essence and provide guidance on what is for your greatest good. Sarah expresses the readings in such a beautiful and loving way and each time I read mine, I get more and more from it. My reading has really helped me to get greater clarity and see myself from a soul place. it has opened my heart and allowed me to realise what is possible.
Thank you Sarah xx

Emma / heal Kinesiology by Emma

I’ve had many readings over the years, most of which provided some small clues as to my next best step. Sarah’s 2 readings that I’ve had have been “hit-the-nail-on-the-head” accurate and have given me direction. I have received excellent guidance through her readings💚.

Carey L

Sarah is very intuitive and insightful and so much more, every card that she showed me was so appropriate.  Through the information that she gave me throughout the session she was able to validate things for me and show me who I am.  Sarah you are a very gifted and heart lead lady, I am so happy that we were able to have this session.

Janet H

Sarah’s uplifting attitude to life is infectious! Love her blog too!

Bernie C