“For the first time in my life I feel seen and valuable, like a deserve to take up space.”

This is what a client recently left me in a voice note just hours after a session. She’d come to me feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted, not knowing where to go next in her business. She was even questioning whether she had what it takes to make her business a success despite years of knowledge, passion and determination. This doubt was growing arms and legs, it had become a beast and was starting to spill over into other areas of her life and suck the joy from every corner it touched.

Another client joked with me recently “I only called you because I needed a new cleanser and I’m coming away with a whole new perspective on my life. I don’t know how you do it.”





I bring you…..

Be Unshakeable Empower Hours

Your chance to chuck all the heaviness and overwhelm that’s weighing you down and robbing you of your excitment, joy, vitality and passion for your life or business and look at them differently or chuck them in the bin entirely!

Using any or all of the methods I offer in a personalised plan, Empower Hours are a power nap from overwhelm. You charge your phone up at night, right? Think if this as charging up your mind, body and soul, leaving you ready to grab life by the horns when we’re done!

Ready to become unshakeable?

For up to 90 minutes you have access to everything I offer to help you reframe that one biggest thing that’s holding you back and create a manageable plan to overcome the overwhelm and get back your passion and excitement for your life or business.

I can provide


🔥Bespoke curated skincare routines delivered directly to your door alongside personalised how to demo videos

🔥Intuitive readings

🔥Mindset coaching sessions to help you reframe the challenges and beliefs that are holding you back

🔥Personalised meditations

🔥Planning sessions

🔥And more…..


This will be time well spent

What clients say about working with me