Become Unshakeable one to one mentorship programme

Are you tired of coming second to everyone else in your life?

Are you ready to be top of your list of priorities for probably the first time ever?

Is there a burning need for something more from life within you but you either don’t know what that is yet or every time you go after it an invisible wall smacks you in the face and you end up right back where you started?

You’re in the right place, I’ve got you!



“For the first time in my life I feel seen and valuable, like I deserve to take up space.”

This is what a client recently left me in a voice note just hours after a session. She’d come to me feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted, not knowing where to go next in her business. She was even questioning whether she had what it takes to make her business a success despite years of knowledge, passion and determination. This doubt was growing arms and legs, it had become a beast and was starting to spill over into other areas of her life and suck the joy from every corner it touched.


Another client joked with me recently “I only called you because I needed a new cleanser and I’m coming away with a whole new perspective on my life. I don’t know how you do it.”


No matter what life has been like for you. Regardless of how often you’ve been knocked down, disappointed or made to feel small, insignificant, not enough…


The truth is,

You matter!

Go from feeling

Exhausted to Energised
Frustrated to Focused
Worried to Worthy


Meet Sarah

“She’ll probably not survive. If she does she’ll never walk or talk and her quality of life will be low”

This is what doctors told Sarah’s parents in 1982 when she arrived into the world. Her fighting spirit and warrior essence, even within a tiny body knew better though and from day one she embarked on a quest to defy the odds and write her own rules. With little to no expectations on her from the world she got to define her own worth and quality of life from the outset.

It wasn’t all plain sailing however, for many years through her teens and 20s, on the surface Sarah seemed like the life and soul of the party, the friend with the huge heart and a wicked sense of humour, the first one to take to the dance floor and the last to leave, long after the music had stopped. Everyone knew her and the very mention of her name brought a smile to many faces.

The reality was very different… underneath the shiny exterior was a world of pain both physical and mental. Sarah felt trapped in a painful body that didn’t allow her to be who she really was. Every day was a battle to ensure that she wasn’t defined by what her body couldn’t do.

This saw her push her body beyond all reasonable limits and achieve many exhilarating feats such as 2 charity sky dives and long-distance travel but with every ounce of euphoria her body fought back. Eventually the pain was so severe that Sarah was going to bed at night and praying that she wouldn’t wake up in the morning.

But wake up she did and eventually the burning anger inside her sparked a different flame, one of curiosity. On the brink of life altering surgery which could reduce the pain she experienced daily but would also dramatically reduce her independence, Sarah began to believe that there might be another solution.

Her journey really picked up pace during her first pregnancy when she discovered bio energy healing and meditation to help deal with chronic pregnancy sickness. This was the turning point when Sarah realised her body and mind’s true power and ability to heal itself. She also realised that while we can’t always consciously control what happens in life, we always have the gift of being able to choose how we react to it.

Fast forward 3 years and Sarah has cured herself of a debilitating back condition and fully embraced her “Wheelie Momma” self as a mother of 3 incredible kids to encourage others to reach for the stars regardless of any perceived limitations.

She’s now a sought after motivational speaker and a published author with her first children’s book “My Mum’s A Superhero” while also working on her autobiography “I’ll show you”

Sarah began working as an intuitive in 2019 following the birth of her daughter, using the same insight she used to realise her own dreams.


You're worthy of becoming unshakeable

Over 3 months toegther you have access to everything I offer to help you reframe that one biggest thing that’s holding you back and create a personalised plan to overcome the overwhelm and get back your passion and excitement for your life or business.

No matter what comes up you will have focus, perspective, tools to cope amd most of all

Unshakeable self worth

My tools include


🔥Intuitive readings

🔥Mindset coaching sessions to help you reframe the challenges and beliefs that are holding you back

🔥Personalised meditations

🔥Planning sessions

🔥I can even provide bespoke, curated skincare routines delivered directly to your door alongside personalised how to demo videos!

🔥And more…..



You will get


An introductory call on Zoom


2 intuitive readings – 1 in the first week of the programme and 1 in the last week


A call every 2 weeks on Zoom


Daily Voxer / Whatsapp support from me when needed


Access to any of my exisiting resources or masterclasses


A FREE VIP guest pass to any Masterclass I run during your mentoring period. *


* Minimum commitment period for the programme is 3 months but we can work together longer if you would like. 

Payment plans available on request, drop me an email

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